Each July, the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition Grounds in Morris, Manitoba plays host to the Howl at the Moon Music Festival.

A major landmark in the town of Morris, the Stampede Grounds are highly recognizable, sitting right on Main Street - or Highway 75 - the primary route from Winnipeg south to the US border.  Sitting on roughly 50 acres of land, the grounds feature a massive grandstand and ample space for hosting fans of both country music and Manitoba summers alike.  Nearby to many southern Manitoba cities and towns, Morris is an easy trip - and only 25 minutes from Winnipeg!

Operated by the Valley Agricultural Society, the venue's primary role is to host the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition - Manitoba's only professional rodeo - which takes place the weekend prior to Howl at the Moon.  In less than a week, the venue undergoes an incredible transformation from Rodeo to Music Festival and has cemented itself as a focal point of a can't-miss Manitoba summer.

Valley Agricultural Society

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