Good Neighbour

It Only Works If We Work Together

With the 2019 festival, our first in Morris, MB, we launched the Good Neighbour program.

We wanted to be fully open and communicative with nearby residents because, well, we're throwing a pretty big party right in their back yard.  We fully believe that producing this type of event has an amazing positive impact on the community, but we also understand that there could be some concern from those who have homes and businesses nearby.  We created a line of communication whereby neighbouring residents could reach out directly to our management team with any concerns leading up to, during, and after the festival.  The more we communicate, the better we can address concerns and issues.  We feel that it was successful, and we'll want to elaborate on the program for 2020.

Watch this page for more information and the formal program launch as we get closer to the festival.  In the mean time, if you're a Morris resident and you have and questions - please email us at